The Zero was a demo album, not a fourth album.

The Zero, planned to be released to the general public as a fourth album in December 2015, was cancelled today (November 30, 2015) due to its mostly negative reception from the FamiTracker forums. When I cancelled it, I deleted the original .ftm from my computer. This was because I found it to be of poor quality through examining its process: I took too slow to develop it and rejected many of the ideas that were supposed to be there, a lot which I forgot.

Some of my text documents in my laptop said this album, actually a demo album, was to be full of complexity and intensity. I discovered and kept the sounds included in the album (as those who downloaded it know it) because they were hard-sounding and minimal, thus the complexity was destroyed. The intensity was reduced as well. I did not add in much detail to this resulting attachment in the thread “Nicolas Maeder enters the chiptune scene” since the limitations of the 2a03 felt so large. I considered making a 6th, 7th, and 8th track for the demo out of mind, but ultimately ripped off the 2a03 channels of the vrc7 song “putrinox” to make the 6th song “protoputrinox”, took out and repeatedly cloned a small segment of my “Changequarter” remix of IroncladPhazon’s “Unchanging Season” to form the 7th song “5chan”, and inserted “@in#no¢cent” into the 8th track position. I had modified “@in#no¢cent”‘s to increase the song’s intensity: increasing the tempo from 125 to 172, changing the kick and snare DPCM samples, and altering minor parts of random frames.

That’s all I have to say for The Zero, now a demo album. It was to be circulated outside of forum.famitracker.com as “the fourth album” if it were well-received on that thread there,* but got cancelled because it recieved negative reviews from some of the website’s users. This started as an EP named Germit, then became a 14-track album and ultimately was compressed into a 8-track demo album so that it could be rushed to be released as soon as possible… It was not released in the FamiTracker website, but its circulation was only limited to there because I wondered what reactions could be used to help the album’s development. The album was there in a incomplete state. It was left as it is for the criticism it received, and development on it ended today for that reason.

*: Before 2015, the Famitracker website’s forums were located under famitracker.com/forum.


The Zero

Source: http://forums.famitracker.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1161

Hello, I am Nicolas Maeder (born January 22, 1996). I am an experimental electronic musician who makes music with a lot of software, mostly Audacity. I run a small record label on the internet named “Qas Records”, signed to only one artist, me. Less than 4 months ago downloaded Famitracker because I was curious about how to make new sounds out of old video game consoles. Before then I released my first three albums (Acefilou, Zilvhoux Kenmyrs, and Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia), and I also uploaded some YouTube videos containing glitchy Atari 2600 programs; both the albums and the 2600 games contained in some of my YouTube videos are composed with Audacity.

The Zero is my first chiptune effort and my fourth album, consisting of 8 strange, minimal, and sometimes noisy tracks using the standard Famicom/NES sound chip Ricoh RP2A03/2A07. Most instruments were taken from .ftms of covers because at the time I was developing the album I was more likely to do such than either make my own or focus on using blank instruments. This is just the beginning of the time I spent writing and recording chiptune works, so expect this post to contain suggestions regarding improvement of skills.

I will continue to make chiptune works for as long as possible after this post was submitted. Album cover is below.


The Zero is “QAS12”.

The Zero.ftmQAS12(275.07 KiB)


QAS11: “Extreme Wood”


Cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

Extreme Wood

“Extreme Wood” was created when I imported to Audacity the raw data of ROMs of the Playstation 1 port of Quake II. I extracted small rhythmic parts of the raw data to form this song’s entirety, then I equalized it so that people who hear it will believe that it was mastered in 48000Hz. The single cover art is mostly a significant portion of a screenshot of hsx: hypersonic.xtreme, the North American port of European PS2 futuristic racing video game G-Surfers. A new Nicolas Maeder logo is used in the cover.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder.

Music composed in July 2015 using Audacity.

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MISTAKE: A hour after this article was published, I changed the text “QAS9” to “QAS11”, because “QAS9” already existed before this came out.


Gerbilfisheyeballs and Eyeballthroats


Art by Nicolas Maeder.

EP cover art.

Originally titled “Orphans 2015”, Gerbilfisheyeballs and Eyeballthroats was transformed from a 12-track album to an 5-track EP due to Nicolas Maeder’s business with his high school papers. All songs on this EP are 150 BPM techno.


released 12 June 2015

Everything by Nicolas Maeder from January 2015 to May 2015 using Audacity.


eht wEnpG 0F Marc 7*3=21

"Marc" single cover art.

Image by Christopher Nicholas Maeder.


Nicolas Maeder’s third orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno.
This song is included in the upcoming fourth album following CHX.

The fourth album’s name is Orphans 2015.


Created February 2015.
Released March 24, 2015.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder

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Copyright 2015 Qas Records


Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia

CHX is released today (February 21, 2015)! =D
Includes new Qas Records logo.

Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

The level of variety from previous Nicolas Maeder works is expanded on Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia (CHX), his third full album. Compromising mostly of unusual time signatures, abuse of loud-quiet dynamics, and total distortions of artificial and non-artificial sounds, this is a diverse work.


released 21 February 2015

Copyright 2015 Qas Records

Written and recorded November 2014 to February 2015 using Audacity.

Everything by Christopher Nicholas Maeder (Nicolas Maeder)

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Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4 is out now!

Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4

“Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4” single cover art.


Nicolas Maeder’s second orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno. This song will be included in the upcoming fourth album following his third one.


Created January 2015.
Released February 11, 2015.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder

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Copyright 2015 Qas Records



bandcamp link to whæike EP: http://nicolasmaeder.bandcamp.com/album/wh-ike


whæike EP cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

On December 28, 2014, I created a noisy EP titled whæike. It was a fun record to make, a brutal distortion of multiple samples; the first track using the 2002 Kanon anime, the second with Star Wars films, and the third having only my voice gradually repeated and decayed. As the only person in the record label Qas, I published it onto bandcamp today (January 1, 2015), a couple days after saying that there will be a new EP in January 2015.


  1. “I</4\1\1(0)1\1”
  2. “EeVvIiLlUuSsAa”
  3. “4ll 5pices 4re 9eppers”

Enjoy, and Happy New Year! =D