Zilvhoux Kenmyrs announcement:

One word: Minimalism.

Front cover art for Zilvhoux Kenmyrs.

On November 9, 2014, I completed my second studio album, Zilvhoux Kenmyrs, one day after all the writing and recording for it was all done. The album’s development started before August and ended during November. I finished it through the making of a simple digital cover (viewable above this paragraph), modifying a couple fonts (Bodoni Condensed Poster, Small Fonts) and building an easy graph-like sketch/drawing. Zilvhoux Kenmyrs is softer and simpler than my previous musical effort, Acefilou. Qas Records will release the original full edition on November 18, 2014 through Bandcamp and YouTube; a seperate edition exclusively consisting of 2-minute previews from every single track will be uploaded to SoundCloud.

Track list:

#. Song title [Date of completion: Month Day] <Time signature: Meter/Pulse>

  1. xeinchanoei conProtein MethodicolEe [Done: September 27] <3/16>
  2. Flow Tap Woke Bly [Done: November 1] <4/14>
  3. Speaking Handled Proper Care So [Done: October 26] <5/20>
  4. Xteenth+of-a=Y! [Done: October 18] <4/8>
  5. Qwyik Neu Of [Done: November 8] <4/16>
  6. Co’Va·Du-No. [Done: November 6] <4/16>
  7. Y Kind Optic W [Done: November 8] <33/13>
  8. hAEiound Æxkevyftilnwmz [Done: October 28] <Non-linear>
  9. Ahend, Film?: x; s. [Done: October 11] <Non-linear>