QAS11: “Extreme Wood”


Cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

Extreme Wood

“Extreme Wood” was created when I imported to Audacity the raw data of ROMs of the Playstation 1 port of Quake II. I extracted small rhythmic parts of the raw data to form this song’s entirety, then I equalized it so that people who hear it will believe that it was mastered in 48000Hz. The single cover art is mostly a significant portion of a screenshot of hsx: hypersonic.xtreme, the North American port of European PS2 futuristic racing video game G-Surfers. A new Nicolas Maeder logo is used in the cover.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder.

Music composed in July 2015 using Audacity.

=D (smiley!)



MISTAKE: A hour after this article was published, I changed the text “QAS9” to “QAS11”, because “QAS9” already existed before this came out.