The Zero

Source: http://forums.famitracker.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1161

Hello, I am Nicolas Maeder (born January 22, 1996). I am an experimental electronic musician who makes music with a lot of software, mostly Audacity. I run a small record label on the internet named “Qas Records”, signed to only one artist, me. Less than 4 months ago downloaded Famitracker because I was curious about how to make new sounds out of old video game consoles. Before then I released my first three albums (Acefilou, Zilvhoux Kenmyrs, and Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia), and I also uploaded some YouTube videos containing glitchy Atari 2600 programs; both the albums and the 2600 games contained in some of my YouTube videos are composed with Audacity.

The Zero is my first chiptune effort and my fourth album, consisting of 8 strange, minimal, and sometimes noisy tracks using the standard Famicom/NES sound chip Ricoh RP2A03/2A07. Most instruments were taken from .ftms of covers because at the time I was developing the album I was more likely to do such than either make my own or focus on using blank instruments. This is just the beginning of the time I spent writing and recording chiptune works, so expect this post to contain suggestions regarding improvement of skills.

I will continue to make chiptune works for as long as possible after this post was submitted. Album cover is below.


The Zero is “QAS12”.

The Zero.ftmQAS12(275.07 KiB)


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