Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4 is out now!

Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4

“Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4” single cover art.

Nicolas Maeder’s second orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno. This song will be included in the upcoming fourth album following his third one.


Created January 2015.
Released February 11, 2015.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder

=D (smiley!)

Copyright 2015 Qas Records



bandcamp link to whæike EP:


whæike EP cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

On December 28, 2014, I created a noisy EP titled whæike. It was a fun record to make, a brutal distortion of multiple samples; the first track using the 2002 Kanon anime, the second with Star Wars films, and the third having only my voice gradually repeated and decayed. As the only person in the record label Qas, I published it onto bandcamp today (January 1, 2015), a couple days after saying that there will be a new EP in January 2015.


  1. “I</4\1\1(0)1\1”
  2. “EeVvIiLlUuSsAa”
  3. “4ll 5pices 4re 9eppers”

Enjoy, and Happy New Year! =D


Choyx EP.

Choyx EP cover by Nicolas Maeder.

Choyx EP cover by Nicolas Maeder.

Choyx is an EP by Nicolas Maeder, created and finished entirely from scratch on December 9, 2014, and released the next day. It’s mostly improvised, but it includes digital editing for the sake of abrasiveness.
Listen to Choyx for free on Bandcamp. However, you have to pay for $4 to obtain the EP from there.
I’m happy! (=D)
Acefilou, Album, Nicolas Maeder, Qas, Release

Acefilou is out now!

I hope you enjoy my first full-length, which was released today (afternoon of September 23, 2014). Thanks, I’m a happy angel! =D

Link to SoundCloud playlist (all songs downloadable):

Link to YouTube playlist: