Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia
CHX is released today (February 21, 2015)! =D
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Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

The level of variety from previous Nicolas Maeder works is expanded on Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia (CHX), his third full album. Compromising mostly of unusual time signatures, abuse of loud-quiet dynamics, and total distortions of artificial and non-artificial sounds, this is a diverse work.


released 21 February 2015

Copyright 2015 Qas Records

Written and recorded November 2014 to February 2015 using Audacity.

Everything by Christopher Nicholas Maeder (Nicolas Maeder)

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Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4 is out now!

Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4

“Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4” single cover art.

Nicolas Maeder’s second orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno. This song will be included in the upcoming fourth album following his third one.


Created January 2015.
Released February 11, 2015.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder

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Copyright 2015 Qas Records