Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia
CHX is released today (February 21, 2015)! =D
Includes new Qas Records logo.

Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

The level of variety from previous Nicolas Maeder works is expanded on Chandeti Hoyxkairt Xovia (CHX), his third full album. Compromising mostly of unusual time signatures, abuse of loud-quiet dynamics, and total distortions of artificial and non-artificial sounds, this is a diverse work.


released 21 February 2015

Copyright 2015 Qas Records

Written and recorded November 2014 to February 2015 using Audacity.

Everything by Christopher Nicholas Maeder (Nicolas Maeder)

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Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4 is out now!

Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4

“Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4” single cover art.

Nicolas Maeder’s second orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno. This song will be included in the upcoming fourth album following his third one.


Created January 2015.
Released February 11, 2015.

Everything by Nicolas Maeder

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Copyright 2015 Qas Records



bandcamp link to whæike EP:


whæike EP cover art by Nicolas Maeder.

On December 28, 2014, I created a noisy EP titled whæike. It was a fun record to make, a brutal distortion of multiple samples; the first track using the 2002 Kanon anime, the second with Star Wars films, and the third having only my voice gradually repeated and decayed. As the only person in the record label Qas, I published it onto bandcamp today (January 1, 2015), a couple days after saying that there will be a new EP in January 2015.


  1. “I</4\1\1(0)1\1”
  2. “EeVvIiLlUuSsAa”
  3. “4ll 5pices 4re 9eppers”

Enjoy, and Happy New Year! =D


Zilvhoux Kenmyrs announcement:

One word: Minimalism.

Front cover art for Zilvhoux Kenmyrs.

On November 9, 2014, I completed my second studio album, Zilvhoux Kenmyrs, one day after all the writing and recording for it was all done. The album’s development started before August and ended during November. I finished it through the making of a simple digital cover (viewable above this paragraph), modifying a couple fonts (Bodoni Condensed Poster, Small Fonts) and building an easy graph-like sketch/drawing. Zilvhoux Kenmyrs is softer and simpler than my previous musical effort, Acefilou. Qas Records will release the original full edition on November 18, 2014 through Bandcamp and YouTube; a seperate edition exclusively consisting of 2-minute previews from every single track will be uploaded to SoundCloud.

Track list:

#. Song title [Date of completion: Month Day] <Time signature: Meter/Pulse>

  1. xeinchanoei conProtein MethodicolEe [Done: September 27] <3/16>
  2. Flow Tap Woke Bly [Done: November 1] <4/14>
  3. Speaking Handled Proper Care So [Done: October 26] <5/20>
  4. Xteenth+of-a=Y! [Done: October 18] <4/8>
  5. Qwyik Neu Of [Done: November 8] <4/16>
  6. Co’Va·Du-No. [Done: November 6] <4/16>
  7. Y Kind Optic W [Done: November 8] <33/13>
  8. hAEiound Æxkevyftilnwmz [Done: October 28] <Non-linear>
  9. Ahend, Film?: x; s. [Done: October 11] <Non-linear>