Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4 is out now!

Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4

“Quo, untuckssoitchæ. 10-4.6=5.4” single cover art.

Nicolas Maeder’s second orphan track in 2015. Harsh-sounding 150 BPM techno. This song will be included in the upcoming fourth album following his third one.


Created January 2015.
Released February 11, 2015.

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Acefilou, Album, Nicolas Maeder, Qas, Release

Acefilou is out now!

I hope you enjoy my first full-length, which was released today (afternoon of September 23, 2014). Thanks, I’m a happy angel! =D

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